Child Minders | House Help | Nannies | Cleaners Training and Placement in Gauteng

Child Minders | Night Nannies |Domestic Workers

All our candidates are trained and have Certificates and are qualified can speak English fluently and reference checked. They can take care of your Angel full time ,also can do Domestic work,please note priority is always with the baby, if they are doing both. Night nannies take care of your angels at night,in case you need rest at night or a goodnight sleep ,they are there through out the night ,knocking off in the morning.

Independent Candidates

Independent Candidates. These are Candidates that are not trained by Graceland but have come to register with us ,with different Certificates from other Companies. The client can choose from the website and we will send them their contact details ,what EVER ARRANGEMENTS,THEY MAKE with the independent candidate, GRACELAND HOME OF PEACE WONT BE INVOLVED IN ANY WAY,only helping the two parties to meet.

Part-time House Helpers

Part – Time Workers also they are trained and have certificates can speak fluently , reference checked these are candidate that work for you on part -time Basis 1-4 days a week it can be twice or three time s week they will be permanent for the requested days.

Contract Workers

Contract Workers these are Cleaners that go in groups normally from 5 candidates and above. Responsible for cleaning at the Malls, office Parks, Hotels, Complexes ,schools and Hospitals.

Casual Workers

Casual Workers These are Candidates that can help once off at Functions or can Baby sit in case of emergency.